Perfexion CERAMIC Coating

Using advanced hydrophobic compounds, the CERAMIC coating has been engineered to find the right balance between hardness and flexibility. This creates a shield that is tough enough to resist scratching and provide superior dirt resistance.

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Perfexion Leather Treatment

Perfexion employs a special formulation that deeply nourishes and seals leather, maintaining and preserving that new car look and smell. Perfexion Leather Protection repels liquids and defends against fading, cracking, stains and unpleasant odours.

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Perfexion Fabric & Carpet Treatment

This advanced, super-tough stain-resistant coating soaks deep into the fibres of the fabric sealing it off and completely covering the surface area. This whole process creates a highly resistant barrier against stains, spills, odours and bacteria.

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Perfexion Vinyl Treatment

The ultimate defence against everyday wear and tear. It uses a special formula that includes UV inhibitors to create a protective layer on outer surfaces while preventing factors like; perspiration, food and drinks stains, ink and make-up markings to name a few.

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Perfexion CERAMIC Window Film

There’s no doubt that tinted windows on a vehicle look great. The latest in film technology reduces the temperature of your car’s interior while protecting it from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays providing added comfort and peace of mind.

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Perfexion Electronic Rust Module

Using advanced capacitive coupling technology, the Perfexion Electronic Rust Module is effective in reducing the rate of corrosion on your prized asset. Easily fitting, the unit acts as an innovative, eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based chemical sprays.

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